Getting that Book Finished

So how’s your ebook coming along? Is it almost finished or are you struggling? Many authors find that they get to a certain point in their book and then come to a complete halt. If this happens to you there are several things that you can do.

Sometimes taking a break from a project is a good idea. When you don’t look at it for a while you come back with fresh eyes and suddenly find that you are full of new ideas.

While taking a break from your writing your book you may want to start thinking about your book or ecover. Do you have an image for it yet, have you thought about what colors you want to use or what font styles? These are all things that need to be taken into account at some point, so why not start this process a little earlier than you had anticipated.

Your book cover should easily define what your book is about. Try to keep the design uncluttered, remember sometimes less is better. If you really can’t find a suitable image, then leave it off. If you research book covers you will see that plenty don’t have any type of image on it at all.

When choosing a font and color you want to use one that can easily be read. The font type should be bold and easy to read, while fancy fonts can look great they are not always that easy to read.

Remember too that your book cover is going to be displayed as a thumb nail image, so it needs to look good small. Practice with lots of images and fonts and see what displays best at a smaller size.

While you are taking your break from writing you don’t have to totally finish your ecover either. At least you have made a start on it and this is something that can be improved over time as well. Working on two items allows you to take regular breaks and get your projects finished.

Another idea for helping you get your book finished is to set a goal for writing a certain number of words per day. You should have no trouble in writing 1,000 words a day. Do that for 10 days and you have a 10,000 word book written.

If word counts don’t appeal to you then try writing one chapter per day or every two days. Find something that is manageable and that gets you focused. This way you will get both your book and your ecover finished at the same time.

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Keep It Simple When It Comes to Ecovers

One of the biggest mistakes authors make when it comes to designing their ecovers is in making a cover which is too complex. While having a great image is good, sometimes it is easy to go overboard. What you think is a great ecover is actually confusing to buyers as they can’t determine what your book is about.

Let’s talk about how to design a good ecover that will attract attention and get you sales. The first thing you want to remember is to keep your designs simple as opposed to complex. Make it easy for anyone to look at your cover and immediately know the topic of your book.

Designing an ecover for fiction and non-fiction books is different. A fiction book cover can be a little more dramatic. After all you are telling a story so fantasy and more detailed images are perfectly acceptable.  Use an image that reflects your fiction, if it is set in a certain time period then use an image the portrays this. If you are writing a child’s book then use an image that is appealing to the appropriate age group.

With non-fiction books your cover design should be simple and to the point. Any images used should depict the content of your book. If your book is about health and exercise then use this type of image on the cover. Don’t use a photo of your favorite holiday location just because you love the image! It won’t help you sell any copies of your book.

When using images use ones that are clear and sharp, blurry images only help to make your cover look messy and cheap. Try to use an image that has a good portion of empty space on it. This will give you lots of room to add your title and author name to it. It is better to add text over a blank background rather than on top of an image. The image can distort the text and stop it from standing out.

Don’t forget too that you don’t always have to use an image on your book cover. If your title is long it may look good enough on a nice plain background. Just play around with fonts to get it to look clear and sharp.

By keeping it simple when it comes to book cover design your ecover will stand a much better chance of standing out from the crowd.


Book Cover Designs the Easy Way

Are you a new and upcoming author on a budget? If so, you are not alone. There are many authors today who are taking advantage of the self-publishing trend to get their books published online. While this is a relatively easy task, after your book is written of course. The one problem that many new authors are running into is in getting an ecover done for their books.

While it is now possible to take advantage of the ecover designer software inside your kindle account. This produces an ecover which is very similar to other covers. So how do you make your ecover stand out from the rest?

Well, the quickest response is to say design your own cover. This is all fine and dandy but what if you aren’t a graphic or color orientated person? Plus you are on a budget and just don’t have a few hundred dollars sitting around to spend on hiring a professional graphic designer.

A new trend that you may not be aware of is to use some form of ecover maker software. Now we are not talking about using Photoshop here. That is an expensive program which comes with a huge learning curve.

What we are talking about is an affordable way to get your ecovers designed online. This is done very quickly and will give you a 3D and a 2D version of your cover. Plus you can resize your cover so that you can use it on Kindle and on other self-publishing sites like the iBookstore.

Most of the online ecover software sites do have a free option – which is great for trying out the software. Just remember that with a free membership you will be limited to the choice of book templates that you can use.

Go ahead and sign up for free for testing purposes. You can then see how easy it is to create an ecover within minutes. Most of these sites have lots of background images that you can use, or you can upload your own images and photographs.

Once you are comfortable with the software you can become a paid member. When joining choose a plan that equals the number of book covers you plan on creating. If you are only going to need a couple throughout the year then your best choice is to do a pay as you create plan, which would be around $5 a time. Other choices include designing unlimited book covers each month and you can subscribe monthly or pay yearly to get a great price discount.

You don’t have to be a whizz at graphics to use these ecover makers at all. In fact the more book covers you design, the more fun you will have and the better your ecovers will turn out. Practice does make perfect!



Quick Ideas for Creating Book Covers

In this article we will discuss some easy ways that you can create your book covers. These tips will help you whether you need an ecover for your Kindle book, or if you just need a report or book cover to display on your website.

1. Hold an ebook cover design contest and get your readers to help you design your new cover. This is a great way to help new designers to get their work showcased. Plus it may help you get an ecover without having to pay for it or to at least reduce your costs.

This will work really well if you can direct lots of traffic to the winner’s website. They will be happy to design your ecover in return for increased visitors to their own site.

2. If you just need a 2D cover simply search free image sites for a suitable photograph. Download the largest size possible and then use a program like Paint or Snag It to add your title and author name. Resize it and you instantly have an image that you can use to promote your book. As well as uploading your new ecover to your own website, post it to your social media sites and Pin it to one of your boards over on Pinterest.

3. Hire someone on Fiverr to design your ecover for $5. Take the time to search through the listings and you may just uncover a gem. Many new designers start off using Fiverr to get some testimonials for their main websites. You may find a superstar this way and by being one of their first customers you get their best prices.

4. Send out messages on social media that you are looking for a designer for your ecovers. Another great way of attracting attention to your upcoming book and this could also prove to be a way of finding that unknown designer who is just starting out.

5. Don’t forget to ask your friends and fellow authors who they use to design their ecovers. Using word of mouth referrals is an excellent way of finding a great graphic designer who doesn’t promote their services. They usually have enough referral work that they don’t need to go looking for clients.

Use the above tips to easily get your new ecover designed for you quickly. Or of course you may prefer to use an ecover maker software program and create your own book covers.


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Do You Need to Hire a Professional for your Book Cover?

This is a really common question for anyone who is about to publish a book or even a short report. Is it entirely necessary to go to the expense of hiring a graphic designer when it comes to your book covers?

There are two points of view on this. The first would be to determine what the purpose of your book is. Are you planning on becoming a professional author, or are you just publishing your books for fun? Many people just love to see their name in print and are working on selling thousands of copies.

Another consideration to think about is where you are planning on selling your book or report. Are you selling it from your own website, or do you want to sell it on the Kindle store or even over on the iBookstore?

Once you have thought about this then your next step is to look at the various ways you can create ecovers. Now one very important consideration here is if you want to have a printed version of your book.

With printed paperbacks your book cover needs to have a high resolution. Whereas with books that are going to be read digitally a lower resolution is just fine.

If you create a digital book cover now and decide in a couple of months to go with a printed version, you may have trouble duplicating the exact same look.

Now that you have narrowed down your choices let’s look at your options for creating book covers.

Yes, it is possible for you to hire a graphic designer. This could cost you into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So think about how much money you can truly afford to spend. If you have a marketing plan in place to recoup that kind of money, then this might be a viable choice.

If you enjoy graphics and designing you may already own the Photoshop software. This allows you to easily create any book cover of your choice. If you don’t own it, it can be expensive to purchase and difficult to learn.

Next on your list of choices are the variety of do it yourself ecovers, some people like to refer to these as fake book covers. They are just a front for your book and will never be printed out.

There are lots of different options for this choice and there is one that I like to use for my ecovers. It is really simple to use and even has a free option if you just want to try it out.

Basically you would create an account and then choose the style or template of ecover that you want. You have lots of choices such as a magazine book cover, hardcover book cover, ezine ecover and paperback book covers. Just choose whichever one you like the look of.

Once that is done you select a background for you book, you can also upload your own images on this step. The software will allow you to select a certain area of the image as well.

The final step includes adding your title, sub title and author name. When you are happy with the design you  finalize it and download a 3D and a 2D version of it.

Your fake ecover is ready to go and to be uploaded to your website. Using fake book covers is a fantastic way to cut down on the costs of a professional designer. Plus you still get professional results.

If you want to explore this option in more detail just check out the following link. Fake Book Cover Details


How to Create Fake Book Covers

Many people today love writing books and reports and if you want to display them online then you are going to need some kind of ecover for it. Now creating ecovers can be a challenge for numerous people, especially if you feel you don’t have any type of design talents.

At one time to create a good ecover you had to use Photoshop which is a) expensive and b) difficult to learn. This put people off of even thinking about publishing any type of content online.

However, due to the popularity of self publishing lots of ecover creation sites are appearing online. These sites allow you to create a fantastic looking book cover within just a few minutes.

All you have to do is create an account, some are paid sites while others are free. Then you follow the step by step instructions and start creating your book cover.

You can use your own photographs and images if you have them. If not there is a good selection that you can choose from. It is very simple to add clouds or flowers as your background image. Then you choose a font style and colour you like and then add your title, sub title and author name.

Your next step is to preview your design, make any changes, and once you are satisfied with it you can download it. You should have the option of downloading a 3D cover along with a 2D version. Then you can use whichever option suits your site best.

If you are publishing a book on a site such as Amazon or at the iBookstore you will want to use the flat 2D cover version. This will look much better when displayed on their sites, as they will shrink your image down to a thumbnail size. A thumbnail size is usually 150 x 150 pixels. As you go through the design process you should get into the habit of previewing it in the smaller size to ensure that it looks good.

Now these sites are easy to use but it might take a few tries until you design a cover that you like. You will have lots of book template covers to choose from as well. Your choices will include book covers such as report covers, hard cover books, magazine style, stacked books and even templates of monitors and iPads.

I have been using one of these so called fake book cover creation sites for a while myself. I can highly recommend that you use this one as it is affordable and you can create unlimited ecovers.

Visit the following link for more details on Creating Fake Book Covers.